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Tom Solinger - Piano Tuner

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Piano Technicians Guild - RPT


I began my career in piano tuning and repair in 1973 as an apprentice to a master craftsman in San Francisco. My exposure to music since childhood and my skills as a violinist gave me the gift of a fine musical ear, and I learned the basics of tuning quickly. It took some years to master this craft, and since that era I have tuned and repaired thousands of pianos. I have been a registered technician with the PTG (please see logo) since 1979. I honed my skills at Sherman Clay, the west coast's largest piano retailer, from 1981 to 1987. My current clients include: Beach Blanket Babylon, SHN theatres (as in "Wicked"), Cunard Cruise Lines and the Oracle Corp. I have tuned for many classical and pop stars at concerts and events for over three decades.



Fine tuning - A well maintained piano that is close to concert pitch will only need to be gone through once. Pianos should be tuned at least once a year.

Pitch raising - A neglected piano may require a "pitch raise" before fine tuning to get it close to proper pitch. I always "fine tune" after the pitch is set, and may recommend a subsequent tuning in a few months.

Repairs - I am experienced in all types of piano repair except case repairs and refinishing

Regulation - A stiff or uneven touch takes its toll on your hands and diminishes the pleasure of playing. I can regulate the action to solve these problems.

Reconditioning - Replacing action parts, restringing, new hammers, etc.

Appraisals - I have appraised hundreds of pianos. I can tell you if your piano is even worth appraising in a short phone call, no charge.

Piano Finder - I have helped many happy piano owners find the right piano at the right price.

Please contact me for more information or rate quotes

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